Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The afternoon that brought tears of joy.

It was a beautiful afternoon at the beach. 

We walked, explored, dipped and smiled. 
We looked up and down. We giggled, laughed and skipped as we moved along the rocks and sand. 

At some point I decided to write my one little word for 2014 in the sand. Sarah then wanted to write her word too. Her word??  I didn't even know she had a word.  But she did. In fact she has two. 
Courage and faith.
Timothy heard us talking and saw us writing and decided he too wanted a word or two.  He choose embrace and justice. We had fun writing our words in the sand and decided to add a few more. 
We discussed our words and what they meant to us. It was beautiful.

The kids wanted to take some photos too. I am so glad I said yes. 
They certainly know how to see beauty. The way they see and notice the world around them is inspiring. I sat and watched them roaming the beach with a camera and an open, in the moment, heart. 

Photo by Sarah
Photo by Sarah
Photo by Timothy
Photo by Timothy

We spent almost 2 hours down at the beach. It was special for so many reasons and in so many ways. 
I will treasure this afternoon in my heart. It brought a joy that I haven't experienced in recent days and this was comforting for the soul. It brought inspiration and encouragement and of course it brought the three of us together and connected us in a way that nature does so wonderfully well. 

                                                                                            Jo xx 


  1. Jo, Sarah & Timothy. It was an even more beautiful afternoon for me when I discovered your words in the sand at the same beach at around 6:20pm on the 8th of Jan 2014. This was more wonderful to me than you can possibly think. I was depressed and decided to walk onto the beach and watch the waves breaking onto the rocks. I had been asking God for direction and for him to speak with me. I walked straight out into where all your encouraging Words were. He spoke to me. Thank you so much. Regards Darren

    1. Hi Darren, I was blown away with your comment. What a blessing for you. I am so happy to hear God used our beautiful afternoon to bless another. i have two questions to ask. Firstly, how did you find my blog?? and secondly can I have your permission to use your comment in a future blog post?? Thank you for taking the time to bless me with your story. I pray many more blessings come your way. Jo

  2. Jo. Your very welcome. I found your blog by searching for soul house studio. One of the phrases in the sand. I was absolutely gob smacked when I found your blog and also the exact same photos. I took photos of all of the words as I wanted a permanent reminder of How God spoke to me. I am amazed also at how God can use others to bless others. You are more than welcome to use my comments in future blogs. Thank you for your kind words and your prayers. May God bless you and your wonderful family. Regards Darren

  3. What an awesome story of how God blesses others through the most simple things. How He also blesses us as we bless others. God is amazing.