Thursday, January 16, 2014

Connection with nature.

I love nature. I always have. Some of my earliest memories involve nature. Trips to the ocean. Visits to the Blue Mountains. Rock hopping on weekends away. As a child I probably loved nature because it was outdoors and free. As an adult I love nature because it is often a place of quiet, peaceful beauty that allows me to hear and seek truth. 
Over the past few years my personal journey has opened my eyes to so much more. I use to see the beauty in a much broader sense. Landscapes, seascapes, mountains, etc. Nowadays I see so much more. I see the intricate details on leaves, the texture of rocks, the pattens in flowers. I see the big things, the little things, the colours, the shapes, the patterns, the textures.  It is all beautiful. And I love it so much more. 

Photo by Timothy. 

I am connected to nature and inspired by nature. And I yearn to learn more from nature. 

Are you connected to nature? 
If so what do you see? What inspires you? How does it all make you feel? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

                                                                                            Jo xx


  1. I live half my life in nature Jo, I could not live without it. Even if I lived in the middle of a big city I would seek it out. Living by it's own rhythms, it's own inherent knowledge, we have much to learn from nature. I can see a tiny heart in your picture of pebbles. Some beautiful photographs too. Thank you. Hope you are enjoying the holidays :)

  2. Lovely to hear your thoughts Suzi. And so true. We can, and often do, learn from nature. Holidays going great. I am spending a lot of time in the studio and planning my up and coming classes but none of it feels like work at the moment. Trying to get my little business going. How is your art business going ??

  3. I love nature too, the older I get the more I appreciate it and seek it out. I'm blessed to have a big yard with a huge open space to see the sky everyday. This inspires me and makes me grateful for all that I have. Many walks with my dog and talks with God thru this yard of mine. I love trees especially, all kinds and even in the winter when the branches are bare. Somehow all this nature just fills me with peace and joy.

    I LOVE this first picture, most every time we go out, I stay a little behind and get pictures of them walking ahead. I love seeing these pictures thru the year and how big the kids have grown. I remember things based on what they are wearing and what order they are walking in that day. I hope one day to do an album just with these pictures.

    Beautiful pictures of the nature around you too. I see the heart!!