Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our holiday house in Alburquerque

Happy 9th Birthday Tom

We were invited to sit inside the cock pit of the plane we flew in to Albuquerque. This was exciting and would not have happened if we had not missed our earlier flight. Instead of flying directly to Albuquerque we had to fly to Denver first then switch planes and fly to Albuquerque. It was annoying but we all survived and we live to see another day.

LA highway.


  1. Wow....looks like you are having a fantastic time.....don't you love modern technology which enables you to share your adventures with us. We are missing you all dreadfully, and Meg and I are obsessed with checking your page daily to see if you have updated......Thanks for sharing with us!!! Stay safe....luv LisaBee & CO

  2. Well it's obvious you are having a great time which is terrific. Did Tom see snow on his birthday? It doesn't seem to look like it in the pctures. I'm amazed at your stamina - going to Disneyland the day after you arrived.What ever happened to jetlag? Well done and continue to have a spiffing good time. Keep us posted.
    Everything is so fine in Kalbar. The kids are back at school - we've all got back into our usual routine. We've had lots of rain and lovely days. Lovely Holy Spirit anointing continues at church and flows into our lives. Blessed be the Lord. All my love to you and the kiddywinks.
    P.S. Yes Sarah really is a princess.
    Love JoJo