Sunday, February 01, 2009

Exploring Old Town and the local park

Having a late lunch in our thermals

The kids loved playing in this park.

Old town

SanFelipe de Neri Church: Old town

Old Town

One of the requests the kids had of America was going to a park. We found this park right next to Old town which is in walking distance of our house. We had a lovely time there and the kids made friends with some local kids. It was good to spend some time doing a 'normal' eveyday activity and having a break from all the sightseeing.

Old Town follows the traditional Spanish pattern of a central plaza and church surrounded by homes and businesses. There are restaurants and shops and museums. Shopping here is delightful and we found many native indian handicrafts and art work.

We dropped Steve off at the Centre for Action and Contemplation at lunch time. He was going to head off to his leaders forum called Solarize. He should have a great time. Jo had to drive on the 'wrong side of the road' for the first time and this went well. No accidents and no-one beeped at her. Jo and the kids are planning to spend the rest of Friday and Saturday just relaxing and catching up on sleep. On Sunday they plan to go to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science before picking Steve up at 2 pm.


  1. All that stripey underwear looks familiar...LOL!!
    Mind you last time I saw it, it was being modeled in the kitchen in Kalbar.....Good to see it is being worn on your adventure. Ran into Nana Freeman in Boonah yesterday and we were chatting about all your exciting adventures. She was unaware of your web page!!!!....She was going home to SPEAK WITH Ralph!!! LOL.... Missing you all heaps....but can't wait to hear all your stories when you get back!! Enjoy!

  2. Hi Jo... Am having trouble sending you a blogg... Not sure why.. but it's going skew-wiff... This is a test... If this one works, I'll send another with all the goss in a minute..

    Love JoJo.

  3. OK-- seemed to work that time... this is really driving me nuts !!

    Annabelle and Sarah aren't in the same class... There was an influx of out-of-towners at the last minute and they rescheduled the classes at the 11th hour. Basically Annabelle is in the Prep/1 Class and Sarah will be in her own Year 2 class - they are not mixed anymore like they said that they would be last year..

    We have kept the last two episodes of ER for you, no worries.. it was good.. we really enjoyed watching it. I'm having ER withdrawals now that it is finished !!

    Great to see you are all having a good time.. loved the stripped thermal underwear !! Tom finally got to play in the snow for his birthday. Sarah looked suitably girly with her pink scarf.

    The scenery is magnificent, no wonder the've got the CAC Centre at Redmesa. You could certainly contemplate.

    Looking forward to further Freeman Family Adventures/Pilgramage... Missing Home Group and missing you all as well...

    All my love to you and the kiddy-winks.

    Love JoJo.. (trying to blogg again!!)